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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Guys

    First of all I have been only subscribed to this forum for several weeks and I just want to thank everyone for their contributions. It has helped me a lot in deciding on my chip and ways of going about downloading burning and ripping games.

    I have finished downloading my first Wii ISO. It was Boom Blox and after burning it using ImgBurn put it straight in my Wii and after a quick update it works fine.

    One thing I still am having problems with is installing the Homebrew Channel. I have tried burning the ISO file and playing it on my Wii several times and each time have just had errors. I dont have the Zelda game so am thinking this is the only way it can be done. Any help here would be much appreciated.

    I also have the LG 8162 drive in my computer. And have lots of different attempts I still cant get the original Wii game to burn. I keep getting the fault drive error. I dont know how much you may know about hardware but it isnt being recognised as a dvd rewriter either. I have searched this problem on a few sites and have tried deleting registrys but still no luck.

    Hope I hear a few responses on these two matters.


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    Hi Welcome to WiiHacks.

    If your Wii is at the 3.3 version then the DVD iso method will not work and you will have to use the TP hack method.

    LG 8162b drive is a DVD Rom drive which can only READ Dvd discs, it is NOT a DVD writer/burner. You can use it to rip Wii discs using Rawdump app which is why it sells for high price..

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    yea 3.3. got it workin now neway thanks.

    yea i figured out that its not a rewriter. just gotta transfer the iso onto my laptop now to burn to dvd.

    thanks jbloggs


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