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Thread: HELP noob

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    HELP noob

    hi i just bought D2PRO9 rev 2.0 with WiiClip v4C Presoldered
    so i read that these chip somtime have eject issues so if i were to get a game stuck in there how would i get it out
    and iv seen there new firmware V2.3 and utility disc V1.6
    my chip says has version 1.3 but can be upgrade

    so how do you update the firmware

    i know how to update the utility disc just burn put in

    and does everyone suggest updateing the firmware and utility
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    to update to 2.3 you need teh d2prog. If the disc does get stuck in there you have to unplog the power cord and leave the unit off for about 30 seconds. then plug the power cord back in and power the unit on using the eject button. I highly suggest you update the firmware to 2.3 so you dont have to deal with these issues...where did you buy the chip from? if its local then you should be able to take it back and have it updated...we ship all our chips with the latest flash installed
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    bought it from canadamodz
    gonna call there number

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    Quote Originally Posted by duboisbrian View Post
    bought it from canadamodz
    gonna call there number
    depending when you bought it it might already have the latest firmware on it, we did not update the website description yet.
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    perfect i just bought it yesterday i tryed email for a number but no responed


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