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Thread: What are the dangers of updating?

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    What are the dangers of updating?

    What are the dangers of updating my Wii? I currently have 3.2 and I was wondering what would happen if I updated and then hacked the new version...

    What would happen if I did this?

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    You can update it to 4.2 then use the guide for 4.2, but best advise is too probably use the guide from this site to update to 4.1 and then use the guide to mod 3.1 to 4.1 for any wii. Nintendo has control of the 4.2 update right now so they can make things difficult in the future if they want. That same guide 3.1 to 4.1 for any wii also has the steps to upgrade it in the tutorial.


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    If your wii is already softmodded DO NOT update through nintendo. Follow the guide on this site to safely update to 4.1.

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