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Thread: a question about the 'down side' of all the modding...

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    Question a question about the 'down side' of all the modding...

    ok i softmodded my wii with Dogeggs' excellent tutorial...
    and all is well! My wii is PIMPED OUT!
    20+ games on usb,
    neogamma and backups
    40+ wiiware and VC titles on wii and SD
    HBC w/HBB and wad mgr.,
    wiihacks. com is AWESOME!
    here's my problem/question...
    I was looking into triiforce, and decided it was over my head, and I liked the process I'm using already, but it left me with some questions...
    I tend to 'try out' games, then uninstall the games I don't like [with the wiis data mgr.]
    Am I damaging my wii with all these installs/ uninstalls?
    what can I do?
    I do have a NAND backup, and bootmii and priiloader; should I restore my wiis NAND, and reinstall the stuff I wanted to keep, or leave it alone, now that I've got it how I want it?
    my wii has frozen a couple of times lately, and acting quirky....[or is that in my head? might be paranoia from reading something about 'NAND degradation]
    any help would be appreciated.

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    restoring your wii's NAND will remove EVERYTHING and all of your hacks!!!! there's no problem with uninstalling things but try to avoid all of the installing and unstalling. triiforce is hard to do, just make sure that you follow all of the directions step by step.

    i would say try using triiforce and if it doesnt work out, use emulators for the vc games and watch some people playing the wiiware games to see if you will like it

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    If you take your time and follow the Triiforce guide its not that hard, just download the full pack so you get all of the tools and then follow along. Seems like alot but its not that bad.

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    If you want to play a lot of wiiware/vc, triiforce would be a good investment of time. You could also look into sneek, which is even more intensive. Both have the advantage of emulating your nand, so you are not over writing to your nand.

    It takes many many thousands of wrights to degrade flash memory, this is theoretical and has probably only happened during intensive benchmark. It has probably has almost never happened to the average user.
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