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Thread: Im a noob

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    Us Im a noob

    Hi my name is Matt and i'm a noob at all this modding. I bought a wii last thursday and it was already modded when i purchased, so i am here to learn more about what i can do with it and make it better. As well as learn to burn games so I can enjoy my system to the fullest.
    Thank you and any advice would be appreciated
    Matt C.

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    You have already posted an introduction in this Forum as well as repeatedly posted your DVD game burning problem. You received a welcome post with links, have been referred to an error code index for your error, and given brief instructions on improving your DVD burn process. You were also warned about the need to read those Site Rules you certified having read as you were multi-posting. You are beeing sent to the Reading Room-read the rules and learn to search and read responses provided by others.

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