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Thread: 2 problems - Ice Age 3 (no sound in gameplay) Monsters vs Aliens (Black screen)

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    2 problems - Ice Age 3 (no sound in gameplay) Monsters vs Aliens (Black screen)

    Wierd thing is that Ice Age 3 has sound in some stages, but not intro and not during game play. Monsters vs Aliens goes to black screen and only way to recover is to hold power button for 4 seconds. I am at 4.2U softmodded and using wiiflow and 500gb WD Passport. All other games run fine. Thanks for your help.

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    I had the same problem with these games. I was able to get Ice Age 3 working though.

    I am not sure about Wiiflow, but I use USB Loader GX and I had to update to the latest revision. I had to manually download the rev921.dol and place it on my SD card, because even though I was being told it was up to date when running the updater withing USB Loader GX, it was still using an older 874 rev.

    Now I also updated my CIOSx to rev 19 at the same time, so I am not really sure which one fixed it. But so far I have sound in all stages where I had none before. If you do update CIOSx to rev 19 be sure to use IOS38 as the base or else you cant install WADs.

    Still stuck with MvA though. It's odd because on my personal 4.2U softmodded Wii the game plays fine off my USB hdd. On a second Wii I modded using 4.1u, the game will either give me the "Disc read error" or it freezes at a black screen as well. I was gonna upgrade to 4.2 but seeing that you are on it too, I am not sure
    4.2U - BootMii/as IOS - PriiLoader v48 - CIOS38 Rev 19 -USB Loader GX rev18 dol


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