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    Question japanese wii

    hello to everyone, im Marco, nice to meet u all!

    i have a question: i live in Japan and bought a japanese wii:

    model no. RVL-001 (JPN), 2006 nintendo, serial no. LJF12985006|7|.
    it should be a D2C with drive pins not cut...

    i would like to install a modchip to play non-japanese wii games (for example in english or in italian language), and also to play games downloaded from internet. can you please tell me if this is possible, and in that case, which kind of modchip should work?

    thank you very much,

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    you can use d2pro9...wasabi3 or wiizard..all work well .if you are going solderless then d2pro will be easiest as it requires no wire to be soldered with the new firmware

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    thank you for your reply!

    i cannot find any shop here in japan to buy the d2pro9, can u tell me an online shop that can sell it oversea?

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    closest shop to u online will be

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    thanks, your answers have been very useful!

    i have seen that there is another new version, the d2pro9 rev 3, are there differences with d2pro9 v2 or is it the same for a d2c wii?

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    rev 3 would be the latest and compatible with D2E wiis.


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