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Thread: Did you use patchmii for libdi w/ your d2pro9?

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    Did you use patchmii for libdi w/ your d2pro9?


    I have a D2Pro9 installed and from the information, to use libdi on our modded wii, we have to use patchmii. However, i've heard it's not needed on the d2pro9. Any of you successfully installed this without the patchmii?

    I installed it without the patchmii, however, i'm not sure it will work... (i dont know how to test)


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    this indeed i a good questionn and i have herd that you do not need patchmii with the d2pro9 aswell. i just waiting for the new update before i make my wii play dvds asthere are to many bugs and slow speed right now since its in beta.

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    it might not properly answer your question but i installed dvdx and mplayer before the d2pro9 went in (without patchmii) and since then it still works fine. i think patchmii is for the installation process only if you already have chip in.

    i would like to know some facts about whether watching dvds wears down the laser quicker than games though, i cant see why but i have heard this around the web.

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    I have read that the Wii drive falls well within the specs to read DVDs, but only time will tell. Personally I don't see point of using Wii as DVD player as standalone DVD players are fairly cheap and can also play Divx/Xvid files from External USB hardrives. What I would like to see is Wii as a media player to stream media directly from PC like XBMC for the Xbox.


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