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Thread: D2Ckey problems guide

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    D2Ckey problems guide

    I have been reading through the threads a lot lately and saw that a lot of people have been complaining about the d2ckey. It seems that after the very first install of it, it either doesn't work, or after a few hours of playing, it stops working. And counting the fact that the upcoming firmwares could ruin all the non-updatable modchips. There is a few solutions to all these problems:

    1. Some people just claim the that the chip wasn't secure onto the chipset yet, and found that putting a plastic band around it helped secure it.

    2. The d2bridge and d2prog to put onto ur d2ckey so if in the future ur chip needs an update then u can easily do that.

    And if anyone has a way to help these people with d2ckey problems, please put it on this guide. This is a guide for everyone to edit not just me.
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