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    Hey peeps. I have a scenario similar to many here. I have an original Wii console LU10 I softmodded ages ago. I never had any problems with it until a few months back when I tried installing a neogammar5 wad back around the time Wii Sports Resort JP was released (screen flashed green for a sec, rebooted automatically and BAM, I had myself my very own bannerbrick). Since then, my Wii's been bricked and I have been unable to get passed the Health Warning screen. I've let the Wii just sit for months now. The other day I decided to see if there was maybe some new info unbricking the Wii since advances are usually made over time. I found this link and I figured I'd give it a try since I'm already bricked:

    I figured, why not give it a try. Now, I KNOW this brick is different as he gets the jumbled words across the screen when he boots where as I get the Health Warning screen and black screen after pressing the A button.

    Anyhow, I used savmiifrii method and my Wii displayed '4.0U' at the bottom right of the screen. I popped in NSMBW and it spun for a good 2mins, then I saw the gray channels flash on the screen for a moment (like when the Wii is loading the channel screen) then everything went back to black. I restarted the Wii with savemiifrii a 2nd time and NOW my system menu reads '4.1U' the disc did it's job (it seems), but I'm still unable to get passed the Health Warning screen. Not sure what to do next, short of saving up for a modchip and even then I'm not sure it will work.

    Since this was my frst softmod and everything went smooth, the thought of installing bootmii, priiloader, or any other saftey precaution crossed my mind...lesson learned. Prior to using NSMBW to update the firmware, I had cios249 installed, as well as HBC, and Wad Manager. BTW - I tired using the autoboot discs, but nothing happens which leads me to believe I didn't have the patched ios60 installed before. What are my options at this point? I've sepnt coutless hours over the last few months trying to find a way to fix this sans modchip to no avail. Any advice or direction you guys can provide me is appreciated...even an, "You're SOL" comment. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like you are close to my brick. I believe that the only way to autoboot is with a modchip set to bypass the main start-up. Then it becomes an issue of what autoboot disc to use to try and fix your system which is kinda where I am stuck with my situation.

    The good news with modchips is they are plug-and-play for the most part, no soldering required. I'm looking at picking up a Drivekey with the NSMB update and tools for $45 from You can ask him to configure the chip to autoboot for you so when you get it you can try it out. I have not done this yet so I can't personally vouch it will work but it's the direction I'm heading in.

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    Thanks Reloaded44...$44US Dollars? If so, that's a good price! The cheapest I had seen until recently was about $65. This is more than likely going to end up being the path of least resistance in the end so I've bookmarked Almost forgot to there a place where you can select you want auto-boot enabled or do you have to email the guy?
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    When ordering use the comments box and state that you would like the modchip pre-configured to autoboot on. It's $45 CDN so even slightly cheaper if your States-side. I believe there is no extra charge to configure autoboot on however it may add a slight delay to you order.

    I hope it works out, you'll probably get the chip fast then me... keep us posted as to your progress.


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