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Thread: SD cardless wii setup

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    SD cardless wii setup

    Im having great difficulty understanding how to get channels on my wii but have them load from the USB drive, i have an apps folder on my usb drive and i put the download of the actual program in there in its own folder, i have managed to do it for snes9x by using wadmanager on a SD and installing the forwarder for that emulator, i am not really sure how its worked and that frustrates me but it works, i then downloaded scumm using HBB and have moved the folder to my apps folder and again i have found and downloaded a forwarder which says that it searches in turn the SD card and USB drive untill it finds it, i have the channel there but when i run it it just says SD not initialised and then will not look towards the usb drive, it seems to work fine from within HBC...i dont undertand what i am doing or not, is it that something just will not work from the usb drive or have i gone aboput it the wrong way...i cant seem to find a definitive step by step guide to set up a wii without having to have a SD card, that is my ultimate goal and i understand that i need the card to get to where i need to be but once set up i dont want to have a sd card in it.

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    I have given up on scumm now...cnt find data files for it anyway...the only thing i am missing is genplusgx channel, i can install the chanell using wad manager but when i select usb device to load a game from it say cant open directory, i have made a genesis/roms folder on my hdd which is on a fat 32 partition...does this emu work from usb ?


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