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Thread: Gamecube PAL games not working

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    Gamecube PAL games not working

    I downloaded RE2 PAL Gamecube and when i put the disc in, you can hear sound, but no video. I tried running it through gecko and it just freezes.
    can anyone help?

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    so nobody knows?

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    Does this appen to all PAL games you try? Which modchip do you have and how is it installed (soldered or wiiclip)?

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    D2pro9 v3 soldered. Thats the only Gamecube PAL game I have tried.

    As mentioned some time ago. I had problems with a Wii game Shrek the Third. And I switched from component cables to composite and that game works now.

    So i tried that with Resident evil 2 PAL for GC and still, all i get is audio, and no video. And Gecko doesnt even work because it wont let me use GC games.

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    I'm beginning to think this maybe a slight problem with d2pro's as well after other people have had similar problems, I've only downloaded 2 games for gamecube (monkey ball 1 and 2, after not being able to find them at ANY bloody retail store/traders) and although i found one to be a dodgy iso, i know for certain the other wasn't, and they both hang, freeze, all the rest of it, i just gave up in the end

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    NTSC GC games work fine as suspected. so im just thinking PAL GC games will display no video for me. Its not that big of a deal, i was just looking for RE2 and the only one i could find was PAL copy

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    hmm, well mines pal and the games have been pal so I guess it's not a problem with the chip, does anyone know if there's a program or anything to run on an iso to check whether its broken or complete or what have ya?

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    well mine work sort of. like i said, there is audio, and i can hear the game, and play the game.. but there is no video.

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    Anyone else? I tried GC os and the new Gecko with GC support, and still, all audio is working, but no video. So its kind of hard to play with a black screen

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    i had this prob n yes ur correst its the cabls ur ntsc tv n composit or svideo cabls wont show pic

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