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Thread: Duel microphone problem

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    Duel microphone problem

    I have softmodded my Wii and the other half has loads of karaoke style games on the USB HDD. I use USB Loader GX.

    The problem I have is whenever we try the versus mode it keeps asking to plug in the logitech mic.

    Thing is both the mics work on Single player or if we try the Duet mode in multiplayer. Only the versus mode seems to throw up the plug in mic problem.

    I'm guessing it's to do with the usb using a splitter into 2 jack plugs for the mic's rather than 1 per port however as you buy it that way there shouldn't be a problem with it.

    Has anyone else had this specific problem? I have searched the forums but keep getting answers for not loading or instruments not working. My game swork and the mics work, just not on versus mode.

    I have tried loading with IOS249 and 222.

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    * Nintendo has not licensed any makes of commercially available USB hubs for use with the Wii console. Accordingly, Nintendo cannot guarantee that they will all be compatible with the Wii console. However, without wishing to make any particular recommendation, Nintendo can confirm that it has tested the Premium 4-Port USB hub manufactured by Logitech and that it appears to function properly.
    Wii Support - Nintendo

    Your best bet is to get a USB hub (Logitech) with an external power source.

    edit, I would also like to add, use the cIOS that you have 38 merged with 37, some guides say to install IOS222 like that, and other guides say to install IOS223 as 38 merged with 37.
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