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Thread: Search function glitches - Backward Slide for search feature.

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    Search function glitches - Backward Slide for search feature.

    Ok, I've just updated the 'Search' tutorial but in the additional options section (under 'Search Single Content Type' tab) when you change the 'Sort Results by:' option from 'Title' to 'Last Posting Date' and save the preferences, they are not remembered for the next time you go in. The save function does remember keywords and other options, but this is one thats pretty essential for getting up-to-date search results.

    Is there any way of making the 'Search Single Content Type' the default tab? Its just that most noobs don't want to read much anyway, so if they get results from other sources they will probably be less inclined to use it in the future.

    Another problem is that we used to get a small extract of the individual post rather than just the thread title and posters name. This was VERY handy in discarding what looked like further questions rather than answers, and I using it myself, can verify that it cuts down search times by a huge amount.

    If that feature can't be added then thats bit of a backward step IMHO.

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