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Thread: help with update

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    help with update

    hi folks,
    sorry if this is in the wrong forum
    i softmodded last year using softmii 2.1. my system is on 3.2E.
    i want to update to 4.0 or 4.2 if possible but i dont know how to go about it.

    do i have to remove softmii 2.1 and start from fresh or is there a simple way to update.

    thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Not sure what softmii 2.1 is but it sounds dodgy to me.

    Why do you wish/need to update?
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    theres nothing dodgy about the softmii, it uses the twighlight hack.
    having problems with some of the more recent games as my system is still on the 3.2 dashboard.
    i also want to get the bbc iplayer on my wii, but to do this you need the most recent dashboard.
    an other thing i would like to try out is the usb loader, but i dont think this is possible for me at present until i manage an update.
    it was about a year and a half or so since i softmodded my wii and the scene has moved on a lot since then, i want to get the most out of my system

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    Don't start another thread when you haven't finished this one, especially when it's asking the basic same thing. Further posting can be picked up as spam and all your posts will get Moderated, is that what you want, cos that's what'll happen.

    Anyway just so you know all games will work on a 3.2, just ask one of the 3.2 users on the forum.

    Any game ever released will run totally independently of System Menu, all you need is to have the correct IOS installed, block disc updates and you are good to go.

    Updating can be done by following this, but you'll still need to update your Wii to have the latest game IOS 38, 53, 55, 56 and 57. See thread here You will also need to update your cIOS to rev17.

    One other way to update would be to run the NSMB update from disc, this will bring you to 4.1, update your IOS and should not affect the existing modifications.
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    thanks for your help,
    i will ge onto it now
    the only thing is i was told my twighlight hacks wont work on 4.1 and i have to change to bomberman.

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    I thought the twilight hack was just to enable installation of HBC? If that is already installed wouldn't the guide linked by Tealc just update to 4.1 from where priiloader can handle any disc hacks?
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