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Thread: Bad torrent downloads?

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    Bad torrent downloads?

    Hi guys, I installed my wode painlessly last week. Since then I have downloaded 4 games by torrent.
    The problem I'm having is that each game I have tried to unpack fails at the iso rar.
    The pc just gives me the error that the rar is damaged or unsupported?

    Surely 4 downloads in a row cant be damaged??? .. Any help would be appreciated because I'm lost at the moment!

    Oh also, are there any other reasonable options for downloading at good speeds? I dont mind paying subscriptions.
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    some downloads with files in xxx.rar are infact xxx.iso ignore the rar icon and burn it as .iso
    if it goes, u'll be fine

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    Are you trying to extract the ISO?

    Sometimes people extract the ISO from the RAR and because it still looks like a Winrar archive file they try and extract it too.

    Wii ISO files are not openable natively in Windows.

    Once you have your ISO stop trying to extract it. You can examine Wii ISOs with Wiiscrubber and even attempt to demo them with Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator.
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    Bitsoup, ntorrents, torrentzilla, torrentday- the list is endless. No point stealing something and having to pay for it, eh? Isohunt for older games. espalwii/ espalzone if your Spanish is ok.

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    Thanks guys, I wondered what the point of unpacking twice was! .. But because I still saw the winrar icon I instinctively tried to unpack again.
    Well thats probably cleared that up. Cheers

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    so i get a warning for saying "pm me for a rom site" but yet you lot are disscussing downloads and sites!


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