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    Question classic controller PRO

    is it me or is the classic controller pro not conpatible with all homebrew apps? sure when im in the homebrew channel it works fine....i load load up quake then SPAZZZZZ ATTACK! i disconnect it and it stops.some apps dont even detect the CCP. WTF is there a way to change this?

    p.s the CCP works fine with DVD games

    oh and for people who dont know what the classic controller PRO is

    (only avalible in japan at this point though)
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    I wonder if everybody has this problem, because I was going to get a few of them controller when they go on sale in the USA. look here

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    i got it early because there is a japanese electronic store in my town and i saw this beauty! i bought it for 25$. they also had the blue and pink wii remotes there

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    $25 wow I found one for $15 AUS shipping included and black ones for the same price

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