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Thread: shoot! stubid homebrew

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    Question shoot! stubid homebrew

    ok i no its not the homebrews fult but i used it (and orcania) to hack ssbb.

    well something went wroungh.It works fine till i go to my music to change song appearence and when i do yoshi island song is on final D
    then when i go to a few lands it freezes. One of them is luigies machion so i tryed playing on that land but then it froze.

    So is their a whey to delete everthing exapt my records and wifi codes.Even though homebrew channel...or maybey it will work to use a unlock all code to reset the music back....what do you think. should of made a backup

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    Dude, learn English

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    sorry i was in a hury

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    bump* please help

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    SSBB RSBE01 USA - Support - USB Gecko Forums

    Go here, this is a an ocarina SSB support page for the hacks. It looks to me like you have a music problem, I'd suggest you download the music fixer or read the instructions to see what your problem is and how to fix it.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for the help

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    No problem, I hope you fix it!

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