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Thread: I bricked my wii and i need help to unbrick it

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    I bricked my wii and i need help to unbrick it

    well when i was following an online guide on how to hack my wii with the banner bomb we came into some problems when i start my wii system we keep seeing a black screen saying system has corrupted files and we have installed preloader, we can get back to the preloader menu and homebrew channel but we dont know how to get back our wii. we have wii fw 4.2 usa and if you can give a small guide on how to unbrick this then please include links, Thanks (:

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    please at least do some research before posting......

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    Also please include the last thing you did before you got the error, and if you installed any themes. (Just a guess since its in your username and a bad theme would cause the problem you have.)

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    Priiloader or a theme would not cause this problem. This is a banner brick. Go back through homebrew channel and uninstall any custom channels you have installed.

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    thank you all and i have unbricked my wii and its completely working fine and thank you all once again


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