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Thread: sd card problem

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    sd card problem

    first of all ,i have to thank you all for your guides and efforts

    second,after i softmod the wii with your guide i install some wii ware but that full the wii system memory so i copied one game channel to sd and everything is ok

    next time i opened the wii when i press to open sd channels the wii frezes and out noise
    is that bad ? can i format the sd card or that will affect the softmod?

    third,i downloaded wii new super mario bros and it worked ok and wii sport resort but when i finished playing and select to go to the wii menu a blue window appear (AV channel color in my TV) and the wii still on (green color appear from power button) and i can't push reset or anything .i have to remove the electricity from the wii. so what i have to do

    thanks in advance.

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    format sd card has nothing to do affecting the softmod


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