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Thread: help please black screen

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    Ca help please black screen

    I know that this has probably already been addressed on here but i just can't find it.

    I have softmodded (I used the tutorial on here to modd it) my wii and everything seems to be working fine except my burned games. The strange thing is they worked when i burned them and now i go back and try to play them and it just gives me a black screen like the wii froze or something.

    Any help that i can get is really appreciated.

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    are u at 4.2e now ?

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    it just said 4.2 no letters

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    ok, try these
    - play the disc with Neogamma or SoftChip
    - reburn the disc at 2x speed (ImgBurn) with dvd-r

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    using neogamma r8 i believe and burned them on dvd-r at 2x and still get the same problem

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    u sure the complete 4.2SoftMod process was fully and successfully done ?
    including the TBR part?

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    ? not sure here is the one that i followed "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!" by messie

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    that sounds alright.
    suggest for u to revisit the steps to see whether a potential over-look.
    in some case, playing out-of-region games results black screen at exit.

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    any idea's on how to change the region on the games or just make them play

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    just make them playable, the easy way
    there's a way to change region on games (WiiScrubber), go search for ur interest

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