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Thread: help loading an iso (noob question)

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    help loading an iso (noob question)

    i'm trying to run metroid prime trilogy off my hdd using usbloader on the latest firmware. i've read tons of tutorials which brought me to the master list of iso's required for games. I don't understand where these isos come from, i have wiiscrubber and isopatcher but i don't get the step where i "drag the iso you want onto iso patcher" i mean where does it come from? any help would b greatly appreciated

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    thank you so much! the first link still left me confused and wondering where the .ios file was supposed to come from but the second link gave me the wad i needed. now i should just put that folder that NUSF gave me into the wad manager folder correct? also i just d/ld the 4.2 shop channel, where should i put that on my sd card? thanks again!

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    If you selected the option in NUSD Pack -> WAD you should get a .wad file for the items you downloaded. You place them into the WAD folder on your SD card and use WAD Manger to install them.

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    excellent, everything is installed properly. unfortunately my problem isnt fixed. mpt wont run on the mp3 dol wen i run ios 222, which its supposed to, i still get the black screen... any more tips? something im missing?

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    that was the guide i looked at originally, the easiest thing i could understand was establishing a profile then running mp3 dol using ios 222, to no avail. o well, i'm sure someone will figure it out sooner or later. thanks again for the help

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