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Thread: Problems with Metroid Prime Trilogy (Noob needs help!)

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    Problems with Metroid Prime Trilogy (Noob needs help!)

    Situation- I rented the the game and installed it using usb loader gx and then hopped right into metroid prime one using the mp1 dol i've put in about 10 hours but got bored and decided i wanted to play a bit of mp3, but i get an error. However, i tried mp2 and it worked just fine. only mp3 gets the error. not a huge deal seeing as i could just rip the actual mp3 to my hdd, but if theres a quick fix id perfer not to

    My research- i looked on here and found the guide to making it work and it left me confused (I'm verry new to this)

    What I'm asking you- is there anyway someone can explain how to get mpt to run properly in noob terms? i understand i may have to change cIOS because its dual layer? will i need to reinstall the game? is there a way to live without it and just have one save file at a time? thanks guys.
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    yes, unfortunately im not in a positon to burn dvds so im playing it off my hdd, so alot of that guide doesnt apply to me

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    im having the same problem im wondering why it wont load off a hdd? is there a fx for this? I do have the latest IOS's as well installed. game works fine from dvds or its original disk just not as a backup from hdd it seems....

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    It's a problem of the Disc (iso, whatever).

    Your game must be a Scrubbed ISO (Parts of it have been removed) of MPT. They usually have the problem of MP3 not working. You'll have to buy the Game itself.
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