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Thread: DVDX - with already installed HBC

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    DVDX - with already installed HBC

    Hey all I was wondering if anyone knows how to install DVDX if I already have HBC installed. the only installers i can find are for like 3.3/3.4 and then for system menus after that theres only the hackmii installer. i have system menu 4.1. is there a way to use hackmii to just install dvdx? or is there no longer a way to install it? I have seen Dogeggs post but that's just another installed for hackmii so i'm a tad confused.



    (sorry if this is in wrong section i'm new here)

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    Just run the hackmii installer again. The one you first hacked your wii with.

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    so that would be just step 1 again off of that guide --> where i do the bootmii and HBC channel again? thankyou very much ^^

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    You don't need to install HBC or BootMii again, just select DVDX and after it finishes quit the installer.


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