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Thread: wii 4.2u question

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    Us wii 4.2u question

    any help would be great
    1st question. if I do the softmod, will original store bought games still work from the dvd drive ?
    2) are there any browser's out there that will work on the wii that have flash 10 ?

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    1 yes
    2 maybe opera

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    thanks, will try to softmod it tonight or tomorrow, and so far opera has flash v6 or something like that was hopping for a different browser that would work, Firefox, chrome, even IE will have to keep an eye out for that one

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    check this out it's the last post on second page
    dude says he downloads flash 10 to usb and plugs it into wii and it works

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    thanks, I skimmed thur it, but does not look like it is it, thanks for the info.

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