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Thread: Looking to buy DS Lite which flash cart???

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    Looking to buy DS Lite which flash cart???

    I was going to buy a DSi but after reading I think a DS Lite maybe better for what I want to do. I am looking to be able to Homebrew and play backups and also play gba back ups as well.

    I want a flashcart that I can easily update firmware if need be.

    So far I am looking at the Acekard 2 or M3. (Should I get the Acekard 2i even if I am going to get a ds lite??) Which is better for my needs?

    What would I need besides a flashcart to play gba roms?

    Thank you all for your time and help!
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    For ds lite you can't go wrong with R4 card. DSi is just not worth the extra money.

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    m3i without a doubt, its amazing, it might be slightly more costly, but you wont regret it, amazing support from m3 with regards to new games and bugs, and its future proof.

    Pretty much same for acekard, you will enjoy either

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    I think DSL is better,because most of flash cart can't support DSi 1.4U which is the latest firmware.
    acekard 2i or R4i SDHC v1.4 is your best choice.They support GBA Roms.
    Try to have a look at ,if you are interested in it.
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    Another thing to consider, the encryption your wireless router uses, if you use a wireless router. The DS lite does not support the latest router encryption, making the online features of some games useless. The DSi does support the better wifi encryptions. I have 3 DS lites and a DSi, and only the DSi can play the online games and access the internet with my wireless router.


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