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Thread: d3-2 board to gc2-d2c issues

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    Question d3-2 board to gc2-d2c issues

    hello all. my question is i have a d3-2 and i bought a wiikey 2 and a d2c board and swaped the boards before applying the wiikey and the drives starts to spin but just clicks about 2 times then stops ive looked all over the place ive contacted the mod company and they said the boards are finicky with swaps and im out of ideas ive already bought the sundriver but the female plug fell off and took the pads with it.

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    wow,That sucks dude.These d3-2 drives are nothing but a hassle.Your options are to softmod or you may have a faulty board.I had issues with the wiikey 2 and my system.I bought a new d2c drive and a wiikey 2 to replace my d3-2 drive and I had nothing but trouble.I switched to a drivekey keeping my d2c drive and since then nothing but perfection.If you check mod central they will even tell you that if you had a d3-2 drive and replace the d2c with a wiikey 2,it will not work.i think its the chip thats the issue.Go to there site and look for the premodded drives.Look for the wiikey 2 and there you will see it.Hope this helps.

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    so i should just buy a premodded drive with the wiikey2 or with the drivekey this would be the third modchip i would be buying soo i just want to make sure it would work.
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    drivekey....go with works great.since I bought it i have had no issues.


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