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    Taiyo Yuden

    I'm thinking about getting TYG02 discs for my Wii backups but I've read on the web that some people got troubles with those medias. Does anybody have any feedback about these ?

    If Taiyo Yuden is not that recommended, which ATIP would you recommend for Verbatim medias ?

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    I have a 100 spindle of Taiyo Yuden ..have used roughly 30 burned thus far and all run flawlessly, minus afew that I burned incurrectly(not using the "incrimental" setting in burning options under imgburn) so yeah. id recommend them. there cheap and defenatly reliable. I would say there second to Verbatim.

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    i have found that DAO or incremental makes no difference at all. Anyone else see a difference or know what the difference is? Burn speed however made the difference between getting DREs and not on my wii. I found it quite strange that Sony DVD-R at 6x gave no DREs but Taiyo Yudens at 6x did. When I used a different burner and burned TYs at 2x no problems at all.


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