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Thread: New to wii, Need help

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    Us New to wii, Need help


    I'm new to the wii hacking and homebrew scene, infact I am new to the wii scene i just bought my wii a few hours ago. I have been doing alot of research on which modchip I need but when it comes down to it I would rather have your opinions because after all I am new to this. I am sure you get alot of questions about which modchip to use sorry if i add one more to them.

    My serial is Lu586137985

    the wii serial tracker says the following

    There is a 50% chance that your drive chip is a GC2-D2C

    There is a 50% chance that the pins on your drive chip are not cut.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.
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    you can use the d2pro9, wasabi, or wiizard. you have a d2e wii. if you are going to go solderless i would go with wasabi on clip as its got no issues. d2pro v3 on solderless for d2e has a few bugs on certain drives.

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    Hello Master Shake and welcome aboard..
    i have sent you a PM with more details on your choices..

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    Thank you guys very much for the info so if I went solderless is this what I would need?

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    If i buy this is this just a clip on or does one wire need soldered?

    also if i decide to get someone to install it would be you Spik seeing as if i live about 20-30 min away from Orlando (winter haven)

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    If you have a d2c2 and the chip is programmed to the latest 2.3 firmware, you should not have to solder anything.

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    hello master

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    Hey ciro thanks again for all the helpful replies. If I just open up my wii now is there anyway to tell what type of wii I have?


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