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    saving games

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering where everyone saves there games as im sure im doing something wrong.
    I play my games off a hard drive and have downloaded some virtual console games via wad manager.
    I tried to free up some space and ended up sending the homebrew channel and vc games to the sd card.
    I currently am only able to save data from mario kart wii and midnight pool. When i try to launch a vc game from the sd card it says theres not enough space and gives me the option to go into data management to free some more. The thing is i have only got mario kart and midnight pool saved.
    Theres surely more space available?
    Also is there a programme that installs vc games instead of going through wad manager all the time?

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    Check out triiforce and it will solve your space problems. It also allows you to install the wads to an emulated NAND on SD card or HDD instead of wad manager.

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    Cheers krank i will look at triforce.

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    No problem. Also the reason it won't let you launch the games from SD is because the game has to be "written" to the NAND to load from the SD so if your NAND is full(or close to being full) it will not load the game. I have 8 or 9 VC games saved to system memory as well as all my save files for over 100 games and I still have about 1000 blocks left on the NAND. Go into your data managment and see how many free blocks you have on your wii system memory. You can click the channels and it will tell you how many blocks each of them take up.


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