I boot the Wii Emulation Disk and am presented with the following option:

GCOS MultiGame DVD (C) GCOS Team

I select it and press A to enable Audio.
Then I select Y for NTSC.
Then I get the option to boot from DVD.
Then I am asked to put disk in drive. Since it's already there I press A.
It finds my drive then presents me with the following options:


If I select the first or last one, I receive an error and am returned to this screen.

If I select bootldr.dol, it restarts GCOS and I am presented with the same options again.

I looked at the ISO and the mfe-fs.bz2 has one file in it which is an Addam's Family rom. I could not find any other roms on the disk.

What do you guys think? Bad ISO?