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Thread: Homebrew: Twilight Princess Hack

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    Homebrew: Twilight Princess Hack

    Need some help with my homebrew.

    I did the Twilight Princess Hack using the Wiibrew SD Card easy install.

    Everything went well with Twilight Princess and setting it up...

    I went to the Homebrew Channel and clicked on the homebrew games install app. It came up with the black screen and said it was installing and searching for games. When it was done though, none of the homebrew games showed up.

    This is probably a Noob question but where do you find them?

    Am I missing something?

    Help would be tight.


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    Do you have a working internet connection?

    If you do, something went wrong. Uninstall the channel and re-install it.

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    What homebrew games are you talking about? Are they in .WAD format? If it is you need the WAD Manager, and need to place the files in a folder called WAD on the root of your SD card.

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    thanks for helpin guys

    i re-installed it and it works.

    what do you think happened?


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