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Thread: M3i Zero Sakura Review

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    M3i Zero Sakura Review

    After trying out the m3i zero sakura for a few days, Iíve put together a review of it.

    Easy to Use
    The m3i Zero is just simple to use in general. Files are just dragged and dropped onto the SD Card (like all flashcarts). The User Interface is nice and tidy. Files can neatly be organized into folders if wanted.

    Where most flashcarts require you to have many .bmp files in a folder to set a theme or skin. The m3i Zero can easily be skinned by just selecting one .skn file.

    Flawless Compatibility
    The m3i Zero works flawlessly with most games and homebrew roms on any SD Card including SDHC Cards. The Integrated Moonshell player also has excellent playback.

    Worried about a new game being released and your cart not being able to play it? No worries with the m3i Zero when the m3i team is constantly at work releasing updates for their product for maximum capability.

    Reprogrammable Core
    We all know Nintendo can easily release an update to block flashcarts and force you to buy a new flashcart that's capable with the new firmware. The m3i zero has a reprogrammable core which can easily be programmed with the use of the included usb cable. Unlike some flashcarts, it doesn't require you to use a downgraded machine to reprogram the core.

    The UI has many available languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Korean and Portuguese.

    Final Remarks
    The M3i Zero is good flashcart. It works great and the ability to reprogram its core is a big feature. However, with a team who seems to be becoming less consistent with updates and with other flashcarts out there that have a higher capability with playing games, might want to consider the Acekard 2i, however, I'll stress, the upgradeable core of the M3i Zero is a huge advantage.
    Final Score: 8.7/10
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