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Thread: Did anybody ever find a fix for CSI Deadly Intent?

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    Did anybody ever find a fix for CSI Deadly Intent?

    The problem is, which as many of you probably know is when you load the game... as soon as you select the first mission it black screens on you and resets your wii.

    I am using usb loader gx... but from my understanding people seem to have the issue with the disk as well?

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    I'm having the same issue, so I'd love to hear the solution!

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    I am not sure any one ever managed to get it to work. It was something to do with the pre game video.

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    Right. It was confirmed working on disk though. It's not a huge setback by any means. I can always just use the disk. I would just love usb, obviously.

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    Solution found!!!

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Just download above file , install as normal with wad manager

    ( for newbies install the file to your folder called "wad" on your sd card load wad manager from homebrew channel , select sd card , then wad , then select cIOS53-v5149-v3.5.wad and click "A" , let it do its stuff , then exit wad manager and load neogamma as normal )

    Fully working for me with system 4.1e and neogamma 8 b7 ( softmod ofc )

    hope you enjoy this took me a while to find a answer to this issue...

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    I appreciate the effort, but if im not mistaken that will still make it so it doesn't work with usb gx?

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