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Thread: "Can't find Hacks.ini on NAND"

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    "Can't find Hacks.ini on NAND"

    I keep getting that message even when i put hacks.ini on the root of my sd card.

    Does anyone have any idea what i can do?

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    Ensure it has not been renamed to a .txt file or has another extension added when you edited it & saved it.
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    I thought that's what the problem was.

    What can i do to prevent notepad from changing the extension?

    Right now it's Hacks.ini.txt

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    Instead of just save file, do a "Save As" and then manually name it to Hacks.ini and it will not add the .txt extension.

    Or you can rename the file name, single click on the file, press F2 and then remove the last 4 characters so all that is left is Hacks.ini
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    Thanks so so so so much man You helped me out a ton!

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    I'm getting the same message, but I don't even have a file named hacks.ini. Where was I supposed to get it from? Thanks a ton for any help.

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    you can get hacks.ini from this tutorial

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    Thanks for the help. I downloaded it and deleted all the lines but 481 for my 4.2u, and renamed the file to hacks.ini and put in the root of my sd card and still getting same message on priiloader. Again, I appreciate any help.

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    put hacks.ini in the root of sd card and one hacks.ini in sd/apps/priiloader folder that woked for me

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    Gave that a try deshi79 and same result. Would this make any difference that I have bootmii installed as boot2? Not sure where I should go from here. My system does launch backups from neogamma. I haven't set up an HDD yet, but I'd like my Wii to be fully funtional with WADS set up as channels and such. Would appreciate any suggestions. I am positive that hacks.ini is named correctly and in the right place.

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