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Thread: Comix channel beta 1 by tiamattia on wiibrew

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    Smile Comix channel beta 1 by tiamattia

    On 2-18-10 I stumbled onto this wii homebrew app and placed it on my wii to test it..The program is beta 1 and has great promise but right now it does not really work.Keep up the good work because this might be a great downloadable app for the wii in the future..

    Comix Channel is an application that allows you to download comics from the internet and displays them. Now I've not yet implemented the download of comics, but it has a superb GUI and allows you to browse the comics simply. Now it display only PNG images into ZIP archives made by a windows program (Please there is someone who can create it for MAC and Linux?)
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    Very nice application.
    Will be nice that in next version .cbr files will be suported

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    nice start... but...

    nice start... good idea... but it would be nice if the program worked as explained. when I downloaded it from the hbb it was missing the "resizer". finally found the "resizer" on-line... then after installing it, it did nothing but glitch out on me... anyways... if anybody has got this app to run please tell me what you did.


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