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Thread: D2pro 9 + wii-cip v4 problem

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    D2pro 9 + wii-cip v4 problem

    I bought the D2pro 9 wire with wii-clip from Redirect Script with JavaScript and have had alot of trouble with it

    My console is LE201 and its Pal

    First I seated it into place and tried it without touching anything, all I got was the 'inching issue' and solid red light, managed to get my wii sports stuck but came out in the end. Nothing would play

    so I thought maybe i need to short the CLK, did that and the drive worked fine, played wii sports then tried a backup burned at 2x,4x using Verbatim dvd-r, no luck red light stayed on and the disk read error came up.

    so then i totally desoldered clk tried again, still the same

    I read somewhere that desoldering c,d,e and f aswell as clk could sort the problem, did that still solid red light.

    I then as a last resort connected J to J with a piece of wire and soldered it cleanly, then the 'inching issue' came back and I wasn't able to do anything.

    any advice please?? is my chip dodgy?

    cheers and hope someone can help


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    to fix inching you need to program the chip to v2.3 firmware using the d2prog or you can try running the J wire over the oscilator and tape it down

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    what version of the d2pro9 is it ? d2e compatible?
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    Hi Spyman

    I honestly haven't a clue, I bought it for my new console just and i'm assuming its a D2C console because I bought it in August (or is that D2E?)

    the Wii-clip is V4c though

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    if early august its probably a d2c2

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    so it will work with a D2pro 9 then?

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    yup it will work

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    lovely job


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