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Thread: Assuming a working boot2, what stops autobooting?

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    Assuming a working boot2, what stops autobooting?

    Apparently I'm a bit late in hearing about "autoboot" mode on discs, something that lets discs boot automatically, skipping the Warning Screen and Main Menu. Just as an example, if a System Menu (4.2) with IOS70 with a custom DIP module, full NAND permissions, and the Trucha Bug (from cIOSCorp, for example) becomes bricked, assuming an error like "Black Screen" or "Error 003", what's stopping it from being autobooted to something like SSBB, Indiana Jones, Twilight Princess (assuming a downgraded IOS9)? I've been reading people using modchips to autoboot, but how is this different compared to a disc set to autoboot? Does the modchip simply do the System Menu's job and reload the IOS, allowing the disc to run? What's happening that the boot process cannot do, in cases such as "Black Screen","Error 003", or other so called 'Full Bricks'? Is it simply because the disc is a backup? A cIOS70 should take care of that, as autoboot works with cIOSCorp.

    I'm not implying that I know what's actually going on, I'm actually questioning the process, as I'm merely constructing from what I've logically observed so far from the several brick recovery processes. What's the technical limitation in autobooting from a full brick with an intact boot2?

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    If you have a full brick then most likely your Sysmenu IOS is missing. So you cannot access the disc itself. Otherwise you can enter the rescuemenu and autoboot a disc.
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    I need to remember to not post at 6AM when I've been up all night...

    Well, it obviously wouldn't work with Black Screen, but technically, if the System Menu still has the function to display a 003 error or a similar semi-brick, would an autobooted disc work?


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