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Thread: Ritek G05

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    Ritek G05

    Are Ritek G05 DVD-R good stuff to use with a wiikey ?

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    You could try, most people will say stick with Verbatim, TDK or Sony, but i've tried using lower quality media and it still works.

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    Thanks for your answer but... lower quality ??!! Ritek ?! Are you sure to know about what I'm talking about ? Ritek G04 are considered as the best DVD-R (with Taiyo Yuden). Ritek G04 are also highly recommanded to be used with the various consoles.

    Now, I would like to know if the new G05 devices are still recommanded for the Wii.

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    Hah, sorry. I never heard of it before so i thought it might be lower quality media :P
    Sorry about that. It should work then

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    good ol ritek G04 worked great for the PS2, but G05 I've never tried. Id imagine it would still work well, even ridata works for most.
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    Ritek G04 Dye DVD-R were great, I used them all the time. Then they stopped making them. I find Ritek G05 to be not as good as G05 but they seem to work ok on PS2 and Xbox (haven't tried on the Wii yet).
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