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Thread: Play Backups From Wii Disk Channel

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    Play Backups From Wii Disk Channel

    Things You Need

    1. Download The Wii2 Folder I Made
    Place corpv3.5M Folder In the Root Of Your SD Card
    Place cIOSCORP_v3.5_Main_Installer Folder Into Your Apps Folder On Your SD Card

    2. Load Up The HomeBrew Channel, Choose cIOSCORP_v3.5_Main_Installer, Hit Load
    3. Hit The Corresponding Button To Install, Let It Install
    4. Press Any Button To Exit

    Now Back Up Games Will Load And Run Off The Wii Disk Channel!

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    Retired WiiHacks Staff Tealc's Avatar
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    cIOSCORP 3.5 is out of date.

    Did you mention the dangers to your Wii?
    Did you mention that the readme needs to read before installing?
    Did you mention that this should be used by experienced Wii hackers only?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Junior Member wiimaster4eva's Avatar
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    Yeah I agree with Tealc for the sake of not having to use neogamma to boot discs, this wii killer is not worth it.

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    I just put cIOSCORP 3.6 on my Wii yesterday and I wouldnt call it a "Wii Killer" but do agree that there needs to be more warnings as this installs a lot of stuff on your Wii to make running backups from the Disc Channel possible.

    A NAND backup before hand should definitely be added at the very least.


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