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Thread: USB Loader GX Error Message

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    USB Loader GX Error Message

    I soft modded my wii using the excellent walkthrough on this site for 4.2 system menu wiis...
    Everything SEEMS to be working fine, I have USB Loader GX installed and when I click to run it, the wii goes to a black screen and the following text appears in white:

    Reloading into ios 236
    IOS 236 not found, reloading into 36
    Starting up
    Initializing controllers
    Initialize USB (wake up)
    Reloading 249...0
    Init wbfs...0
    Initialize SD-card
    Initialize usb-devices

    There may be another line after this but I can not catch it because it clears too quickly and USB Loader opens up...
    The program then seems to work fine, but I am a bit of a perfectionist (obsessive compulsive) and would like to fix the issue.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, as I have not found any posts on this subject.

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    on my wii is the same.Is this okay

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