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Thread: Advice on brick prevention

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    Advice on brick prevention

    I am going to install priiloader on a friends wii so that they can have some type of brick protection.

    Here's my problem:

    I tried several times to install priiloader on my own Wii before it stuck. Until it worked, every time I installed it, it would do something to the system menu which wouldn't allow it to work. Now, I would simply install the system menu again with mod dop ios, and try again... but I have bootmii as boot2, so if anything went wrong with installing the system menu, I'd be covered.

    But, my friend's wii only has bootmii as an ios. If something goes wrong reinstalling the system menu, I lose priiloader and the ability to use Bootmii. So, I'm thinking to play it safe that if something goes wrong with the installation, I should just restrore the nand, but that's long and tedious.

    So yeah, has there ever been a problem using mod dop ios to install a system menu (that leads to a brick)?

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    priiloader v0.3b has fixed many issues with the installer. I have not seen anyone with trouble from it. Patch ios36 and the system ios if you have not already with dop-ios-mod, then cross your fingers and install v0.3b. Once it is installed your friend will have decent protection from minor bricks. Unfortunately there are unavoidable risks during its installation. Best of luck.

    Once it is installed be sure to never update or reinstall the system menu, or system ios. This also includes many themes. Doing so will remove priiloader.
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    But doesn't priiloader 0.3b not autoboot to the system menu properly, or was that fixed as well?

    My question though is if it messes up, what would be the best way to fix it? Do I bootup bootmii and restore the nand, or restore attempt to restore the system menu? Or, do I not bother at all?

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    If you can only install bootmii as an IOS make sure you have a bootmii backup in case something goes wrong. As you cannot recover a wii that has no backup with bootmii not able to install in boot2
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