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Thread: Modded D2Pro9 VC games from dvd ?

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    Modded D2Pro9 VC games from dvd ?

    Here comes one of the annoying questions of the month for you vets out there but I have spent the last 2 hours searching here and google.

    How can I play a VC game on my modded WII by just inserting a dvd. I saw them do it on youtube. They just inserted the disk with 20 or more games and played it. I read about the homebrew & TP hack, but I have a modded wii, I shouldn't have to hack, right?. There must be something else I can do with it besides play my WII backups.

    I have some .wad files, what can I do with them besides the TP hack?


    Thank you
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    The VC games are from the older consoles, so its possible what you saw was someone playing games from a DVD containing Emulator and roms.

    The best thing to do is install Homebrew channel if you wish to play VC games or if don't want to install then play Emaulated games from DVD or SD card.

    IF your wii is 3.2 or below and you have a modchip, its very easy to install Homebrew channel using the DVD iso method without going thru the TP hack method.


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