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Thread: Can't Install Homebrew Apps on Homebrew Channel.

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    Question Can't Install Homebrew Apps on Homebrew Channel.

    I installed the HBC with Bannerbomb and Hackmii on wii 4.2 firmware, it worked the only problem is when I start The HBC nothing shows up. The only thing that happens is the network icon blinks a couple times and then just becomes solid. I downloaded apps on my SD card and nothing shows up I thought it was a problem with my sd card so I formatted it in FAT with Disk Utility Mac OSX and now it won't even show up in the sd card menu!!! Please help! Thanks ahead of time!!

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    Format to FAT32. Put the folders for your HBC programs/games in a folder called APPS in the root of your SD card.

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    also make sure that there is a boot.dol file in the folder of the app. No boot.dol = no app

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    Ok can some one give me the exact format (very detailed) of the folders on the sd

    THanks for all your help

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    Say you wanted the homebrew browser on homebrew channel(as an example). Extract the RAR and you will get a folder called homebrew browser. Place this folder in the "apps" folder on your SD card. The apps folder should be in the root directory of your SD card. This will work for anything ( emulators, media players, wad managers)

    Go to your HBC and you should see the application you placed on your SD.

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