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Thread: dlc on drivekey?

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    dlc on drivekey?

    Hi all.

    Newbie drivekey user.....working well after a lot of reading and figuring it out.
    What I was wondering is whether I can play dlc (i.e. Rock Band, Guitar Hero songs) through the drivekey? I'm not soft-modded, don't have any homebrew on my 4.1u wii and I don't really want it on there as I'm not interested in doing so. I see a lot of dlc files available through the torrents but I can't seem to find a way to use them with my drivekey. I searched and searched with no luck....does anybody know how/or if it's possible?

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    I would actually like to know the same thing. I have searched high and low but to no avail. I actually got some of those torrents your talking about and they don't work on my drivekey.But my cousin has his soft modded and they work like a charm. The more I think of the dlc for these games the more I want to softmod.

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    You need softmod to do them...

    You'll need: Homebrew Channel, Wad manager, and the wads for DLC to at least unlock them, Then theres also ways to download the whole lot on your pc and transfer the ones you want to SD (Thats for RB2 as an example)

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    Thanks for the info Trekster.
    Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll break down and soft mod and get into the whole home brew thing but until then it's on to "the GHOST" which seems like a cool program for turning any song into a song playable in Guitar Hero.

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    I dont even think we can play that! Because it uses the trucha bug and any version over 3.2 wont work with trucha bug. I've tried.

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    The following thread says that the drivekey will boot trucha signed discs:
    Do you know of any other trucha signed games that I can try first before going through all of the steps required to put custom songs into Guitar Hero III via theGHOST?

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    did you read a little farther down the post? he also says if he moves his drivekey to another machine he could set to auto boot discs on a bricked wii....he has had no sucess.where did you hear you could use trucha bug on drivekey wii's?

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    I didn't.....I'm new to this whole thing and I haven't been able to find this answer anywhere and that's why I asked here.
    I thought the post I linked to was saying that it was possible to play trucha signed discs on the drivekey but I guess I'm wrong.
    Oh well, I think I'll have to break down and softmod one of these days.

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    I broke down and soft modded far so good.

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    How long did it take you and what tutorial did you follow?

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