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Thread: Homebrew as a substitue for GC Memory Card?

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    Homebrew as a substitue for GC Memory Card?

    Is there any homebrew applications that can act as a GC Memory card, cuz im playing a GC backup on my wii, but i can't save unless i get a GC Memory Card, and i don't feel like going out and buying one just for this one game so i was wondering if there are any homebrew apps that can be used as a GC memory card. Help is appreciated!!

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    Uhmm.. Bump?? anyone know?

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    I don't know, but I just bought I used GC memory card for only $3 at my local Gamestop. Well worth it in my opinion, even if I only end up using it once or twice.

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    now way to do that unless unless you ask bushing or team twizerz


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