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INFO: uLoader 4.5B released along with updated cIOS222 Ade's Softmodding Wii blog

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HOWTO: Install/Upgrade uLoader to version 4.5b for DVD & USB backup launching. (Offline and online methods) Ade's Softmodding Wii blog

INFO: uLoader 4.5B released along with updated cIOS222

uLoader has been updated to version 4.5b and brings along with another number of improvements that make this loader quite simply the best available in my opinion.

cIOS222 has also been updated to version 5, and a new cIOS, 224. Has also been introduced. uLoader 4.5B remains compatible with the previous v4 rev of cIOS222 which you may want to keep on your system if you also use other loaders along with uLoader, as other loaders may break if your running games of cIOS222 with them due to the code re-write. I advise you to check with the author of your preferred loader on if cIOS222 v5 is supported or planned to be supported. If your purely using uLoader then I recommend an upgrade to the new version.

So what’s new?

* NAND emulation allowing you to save games directly to the SD or a FAT formatted USB device. This is a massive new feature, especially for people who constantly hack their wii and find themselves restoring their NAND alot and using savegame manager to import and export game saves. However there is currently no ability to copy the save back to the NAND!! I will be updating the uLoader basics page in due course with instructions of how this feature works. *This feature requires an upgrade to cIOS222 v5
* New cIOS (not merged with IOS38) added (cIOS60, cIOS37 and cIOS57) as already discussed. The actual version number is v655.. This is a higher version number than the official Nintendo stub IOS. Meaning it won’t get deleted when doing an official update.
* Support for the Wii calendar.
* Now plays the banner music when a game is selected, the same as you would hear if loading the game via the official disc channel.

To install or upgrade to the latest version, and latest cIOS files in wad format
Visit this page

Many thanks again to Hermes for a brilliant cIOS and loader.