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Thread: USB loader gx questions

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    USB loader gx questions

    I just had a few questions regarding the USB loader gx. Recently I lost over 50 games I had backed up on an external hard drive and I ended up having to re-partion the drive and install the games back on it. I'm not sure why I lost the iso's but I'm back up and running again. So my questions are:

    1. How do I double back up my external hard drive connected to the wii? Is there a way I can do it through the usb loader gx with another HDD? I also only have Mac computers that can't read the HDD once it's partitioned to the wii.

    2. Are there any games I should stay away from that can screw up the USB loader gx? My issues started happening after I installed GH5.

    3. I have to update my wii system to access the wii shopping channel. Will the update corrupt the Homebrew browser or the usb loader gx?

    Thanks for your help.

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    1. A full single drive partioned into a FAT32 FS is the way forward for you.

    You can just drag & drop the Wii scrubbed games between your Mac and the USB HDD, and thus keep a back up copy on your Mac, or onto another macosx or FAT32 USB HDD.

    You may wish to look for a more Mac supported Wii Forum (do any exist even?) to get a fuller & more informed answer.

    2. A list of problematic games does not exist, iirc, but certain games will have certain issues (such as those requiring USB plug ins like GH5 etc) and they each will have their own work through here, just search for the game title in the hard or soft modded games not working threads/forums.

    3. Don't update the Wii via the N Wii system, do a safe install using the tutorials here in the tuts section, relevant to your Wii.
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