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Thread: Dop-Ios Mod question

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    Question Dop-Ios Mod question

    I noticed that Dop-Ios Mod says that the USB is disabled on all of my IOS's except 249 and 250. I remember reading that an older version did that, but it was a bug which was later fixed. Is there a way for me to enable the USB for each IOS, and, if so, how?

    I'm asking because I have 22 games on my HD which all play great except the three that need IOS53-64-v4113. I have installed it successfully but 2 of the games freeze shortly after loading and the other one (Toy Story Mania) goes to black screen regardless of which USB loader I use and regardless of the settings for 002 fix, Anti, off, etc.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    222, 223, 249 and 250 are the most frequently used IOS to load games. You can't load a game with a cIOS unless it is merged in a IOS. If you don't understand what I mean, just install the IOS53 into the IOS249, via Wad Manager, then load the game with the IOS249. For Toy Story Mania, mine was not working, so I installed Hermes IOS 222/223 and loaded it with 223, and it worked. By the way, this game sucks bad, only 3 mini games are 3D, but you don't really see the changes with the 2D games ..

    Thank me if I helped you -Texte-Style-

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