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Thread: Wii softmod quesion

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    Wii softmod quesion

    Hi guys, so I've decided to buy a WII and mod it by myself. I'm about to do that, but I have one last simple question:
    You see, I have firmware 4.0 installed on my Wii. In the softmod guide it says that I should not update to 4.2, instead continue on with 3.1-4.1 guide. But why is that? Isn't 4.2 better? On the Xbox'es for example you had to update to run newer games, is it different on the Wii? Will I be able to (hypothetically) play Super Mario Galaxy 2 when it comes out if I softmod a 4.1?


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    Stick with the 4.0, just compare the 2 guides, 3.1-4.1 and 4.2 you will see what I mean.
    4.0 has same sdhc comptibility so stick with it.

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    I have the same problem

    My Wii has been hacked for a while now running 4.1 but whenever I buy new games I'm forced to do an update. Does this affect the Homebrew hack?

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    For most games you only really need to update the IOS the game is using.

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    After you "buy" your games, why are you not taking out the update partition?
    Give me a thanks if anything i said was useful or you found it remotely intuitive

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